Welcome Home!

Rendezvous Lafontaine offers a lifestyle free of worry about maintenance and security. Enjoy the freedom to travel a week or season at a time or stay safely year-round to enjoy the natural setting that abounds.
Private, independent living has never been more affordable and many facilities and services make it easy to enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Life Lease Suites for Sale
(see additional Life Lease information on our Site Plan Page)
Studio Apartments for Rent

"At Rendezvous Lafontaine I can live among friends as in a family, play cards, meet together to sing and have fun. I enjoy this type of living where I don't have to worry about snow removal or regular house maintenance."


"Everyone you meet here and in the Village smiles and says hello. What a wonderful place to live."


"The Village of Lafontaine is a great place. I love the small town atmosphere. My friends here care about me. My husband and I couldn't be happier or more at home living at Rendezvous Lafontaine."

Claude & Georgette